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Suit up your Social Media - Put your Social Media To A Better Use

Suit up your Social Media - Put your Social Media To A Better Use

What do you use social media for? 

With the average social media user spending approximately 1 hour 56 minutes glued to the screen a day and there being a staggering 2.46 billion users signed in worldwide there are a lot of benefits to being part of this community. 

However, most of us are just liking videos of piano playing cats or tagging our friends in embarrassing pictures but have you ever considered putting your Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat account to a better use? Used in the right way your phone and your social media account can get you #hired. 

Not convinced yet, well in 2016 84% of employers used social media to recruit, so can you really afford not to suit up your social media. 

The list of social media platforms is endless so where do you begin when looking for that next role. 
The first thing to remember is it's called social media because it's social, the whole world can login and see what you are uploading, liking or checking into so be mindful about what you would want a potential employer to see. 

Bad day at work? We all like a rant but keep it to moaning to your partner over dinner or calling your friends for an hour long gossip session don't do it online. However, bad the day or the boss it doesn't look professional to explode on social media, firstly your status could lose you your job (I know the whole point of this blog is so you can leave your current job but no one wants to be Alan Sugar Fired) and secondly if you're on the market for a new role, your potential employer isn't going to be impressed by your public outburst.
But beware it is more than just discussing your employer online that can come back to bite you even your personal opinions can get you in trouble, so stop and think would you say that in front of your gran? If not let's not post it!

Private Profile

Make your profile private to stop employer accessing your social media

Most platforms will allow you to make your profile private which is a good idea if you like a drunken picture on a night out (or worse on a school night) and if you have the type of friends who will always tag you in the worst things. So consider changing your settings so you can control what you potential employers can see. (and as an added bonus it will probably stop some of those random friend requests.) 


Get job ready but connecting with recruiter on linkedin

If you've never heard of Linkedin it is basically a professional version of Facebook and how have you have not heard of it; where have you been! With half a billion users it is impossible to hide from the fact that they are a giant in the recruitment industry.

So if you want to get noticed then you need to set yourself an account and get yourself connected. Linkedin gives you an opportunity like no other platform. Have you seen a job advertised? Well where else could you connect with the recruiter and hiring manager prior to even getting an interview.
Build yourself a network and use your connections to help you to find that perfect career, whether through posting, sharing articles or joining groups to showcase your skills and passions. 

Like a CV you need to be detailed in your profile and why not ask your previous colleagues to endorse you or even write a testimonial about your experiences. It's just as important to sell yourself online as in your interview but if someone in your industry can back you up, that will really help push you forward. 

Follow, Connect and Get Involved

Get connected to support with your job search

In the digital age, you'd be far stretched to find any employer who isn't advertising their company online. So if you really want to work for a particular company then follow and engage with them on social media; show you are enthusiastic about them as a company (not just blindly applying for any role.) Whether that be liking their posts or even commenting on their blogs or articles. 

By being vocal online (in the right way that is) the employer will come to you and be just as excited to talk to you as vice versa. 

Always remember that social media platforms are public so display the best version of you and make everything else private. If you are searching for jobs online then the employer is most likely going to look back on your profile so as you would dress up for an interview, suit up your profile!

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