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Top 10 Tips to Ace a Telephone Interview

Ace the Telephone Interview

Hello, is this the job you've been looking for? 

Your CV did it for you and now that employer is eager to know more. Whether you get an email or a call always make sure to prearrange your telephone interview as we need plenty of time to prep first; practise definitely makes perfect. This is the initial screening process and l have the top 10 tips to make sure your telephone interview goes smoothly and you can progress onto the next stage:

1) Prepare, Prepare, Prepare 

If you read my previous blog (CV Writing) then you will know the importance of preparing your CV and it works throughout the process as well. 
Learn all you can about the company and the role from the job advert, the company website and even their social media pages. There is nothing worse in an interview than a candidate who knows nothing about a role; how can you know if you’re right for the job or even want a career with that company if you don’t understand their culture or their goals and objectives. 

2) Location, Location, Location 

This might be obvious but find a quiet spot where you can't be distracted; you need to have your full focus on the task in hand. Somewhere with access to the internet could also be useful so you can have the company website and job description up on screen. 

3) Mind set 

You need to get yourself in the right mind set; even though they can’t see you, getting yourself dressed smartly or standing up whilst speaking and smiling during the conversation can all make the call sound more fluid and make you feel the part. These little additions will create a positive and professional tone which will all help you have the right attitude to get through the telephone interview. 

4) 50/5O, Phone a friend, or Ask the audience 

Unfortunately none are an option but I would recommend having notes on hand as a prompt for when your mind goes blank. List your skills or strengths and potentially have some examples from previous work experience that highlight how you have demonstrated the requirements of the role. 

5) Be on time 

If you are being called at 12pm be ready to take the call; tardiness this early in the game leaves a bad first impression.

The Average Interview lasts 40 minutes

6) You have one mouth and two ears 

Make sure you hear the question before answering; use the information they have told you to enhance your answers; for example "you said you are a customer centric business that is exactly what I try to demonstrate in my current role…”

7) Don’t be Pinocchio

Your lies will catch up with you and let's be honest it isn't easy to remember the web of lies so don't state your fluent in French if you can barely say bonjour. 

8) Make it personal 

Yes it is an interview so you need to be professional but do let your personality show. Fit is a huge part of a recruitment process so let your personality shine. 

9) Being prepared doesn’t mean being rehearsed 

My biggest annoyance as a recruiter is candidates who have pre-planned answers that don't fit the question asked. Be prepared but also be natural in your responses. 

10) Do you have any questions for me? 

Have a list of pre-prepared questions but remember not to ask a question that got answered earlier on in the interview. 

What an employer is looking for in an interview.

Essentially you need to try and relax before the interview as nerves are any interviewees worst nightmare and without sounding like that friend giving you advice before a date, just be yourself! 

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