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Surviving Christmas at the Office

Surviving Christmas at the Office

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

The holiday season is here! Running around town wrestling other shoppers for the must have gifts, decorating with enough lights so your house can be seen from space and cosying up to endless Christmas movies. (Personally Christmas begins when it's time to watch Elf who doesn't love that film- "I just like to smile; smiling's my favourite.")

We all can't wait to get a few days off to enjoy the holidays with friends and family but first things first, you need to survive the weeks before the big day in the office.
It's definitely a busy time of year, from the "party planning committee", the work Secret Santa, decorating every inch of the office to Christmas games, fuddles and activities and just in case you forgot with all that going on, you still need to actually work!

So how do you handle the endless emails forcing you to get involved in every activity and the work nights out that no doubt end up with far too much photographic evidence of you completely embarrassing yourself?!

Don't fear, I have the top tips to make you have a stress free work Christmas that will get you through to the big day (unfortunately I have no tips here on how to handle the family Christmas ...

Christmas, Naughty List

Don't be put on the naughty list

December might be the month of socialising with all those people you only see once a year, eating and drinking far too much but let's not be that person in the office that raised their glass far too many times. There is always one person in the office that completely embarrasses themselves at the office night out (declaring their love to a colleague or giving their boss a piece of their drunk mind.) We have all been there but this year don't let it be you everyone is talking about all the way through January; for all the wrong reasons. So make 2017 the Christmas where you're on the office nice list. 

Christmas, get noticed for all the right reason

Get Noticed for all the right reasons

Christmas is a great time to start a conversation with that person in the office you politely nod at every day but have no idea what they are even called (that colleague you call sweater guy as he always wears sweaters - very imaginative.) So this year why not introduce yourself to a few new people in the office, share the festive cheer. Firstly, you might meet some great new people and secondly if you're hoping to go for a promotion in 2018 then it can't be a bad thing that a few extra people notice you (for all the right reasons so no picking you off the floor drunk here!

Christmas, Don't leave it until last minute

Don't leave it until last minute

So we all know someone who leaves it to last minute to do all their Christmas shopping (is it you?) but did you ever think you should get in early at work too! So what I am referring to? Have you ever got forced to make countless sandwiches for the Christmas fuddle or stuck with selling the raffle tickets, how do your colleagues always seem to get the easy jobs? (I mean we all want to be the person who just needs to bring in a pack of crisps for the fuddle or the one being in charge of the drink vouchers.) Well simply they get in first, so be an eager beaver and get yourself in front of the party planning committee first thing so you can bag those easy jobs this Christmas.

Christmas, Be Festive and Merry

Be Festive and Merry

Finally, simply just enjoy it. It's only a very short period of time, so get decorating, have a drink or three at the next Christmas party and enjoy the celebrations. What other time of year can you get away with eating a giant box of chocolates for lunch and actually get paid to do quizzes or games in work time. So get on your Santa hat and your over sized Christmas jump and start singing along with every Christmas song. It is the most wonderful time of the year after all.

Remember to enjoy the festive period whether at work or with family and friends, so from I'M HIRED Happy Holidays and come back in the New Year to find out how to get hired in 2018.

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