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The 5 Signs it's time to Quit your Job

The 5 Signs it's time to Quit your Job

Should I stay or Should I go?

Have you ever had that Monday feeling? Your alarm goes off and you hit snooze for the tenth time in a row, you pull the duvet over your head and you start wishing you didn't ever have to go to work again. We have all been there, some of us have even considered pulling a "sickie" so we can stay in our pj's and watch Homes under the Hammer all morning instead of having to face the responsibilities of work.

We all have had the Del boy Trotter moment, saying we will be millionaires this time next year and we can run into work with our resignation. I bet you have even day dreamed about telling your boss where they can stick their job.

That's normal right?

But what happens when Tuesday rolls around and you can't seem to shake the Monday blues. We spend so much time at work that it becomes a huge part of our lives. You clock more hours at work then you ever do on holiday, or enjoying time at home and when your 40 hour working week somehow turns into 60 or even 80 hours, your "work family" seem to know you more than your actual relatives.

At what stages does the normal working groans turn into a sign that you need to get out, leave and quit your job?

A few months back I was asking myself the same question

Let's start by saying I watch far too much reality television and the dream of becoming a real housewife is still not dead but I don't think Bravo is sniffing around Nottingham for its next season somehow and I don't think my day to day life is prime time ready .. yet.

Like everyone else I moaned about my job, whether that was because I worked too many hours, I wasn't valued enough, right up until I was even moaning that I missed the all important tea run and now I would have to make my own. (Anyone I have ever worked with will know how much I hate having to make a tea) 

And then it hit me

I wasn't joke moaning with my colleagues anymore ... I wasn't happy. It's that moment where it boils over and it all spills through to your personal life, where work no longer stops at 5pm instead you're kept up at night thinking about it.

Your conversations with friends and family can't last more than a few minutes until you feel the urge to vent about everything you dislike, wait actually HATE about your career. If you've got to the point of the H word then you know you need to be reconsidering your options.

From personal experience I was blind to the signs I should quit and it took some good friends to wake me up and shine a light on the fact that I needed to move on. 

So these are the signs you need to be looking out for that will indicate it's time for a career change:

The dreaded questions, "So how's work going?"

1) The dreaded question, "So how's work going?"

It is such an innocent question that you get asked every time you're at a family get together or catching up with old friends but for anyone who isn't enjoying their job, it's a question that makes your stomach turn.

You try and brush it off with a "fine" because you know if you get going, work will something manage to ruin your night out.

Motivation in your Career is a thing of the past

2) Motivation is a thing of the past

You simply want to clock in and clock out, who cares if you do a job well done as all the pride in your career has left.

You got over looked for that promotion again didn't you? Well you're not surprised and you barely see the point in asking for feedback because why would you want to progress in this company anyway.

Nothing nice to say about your job

3) You have nothing nice to say

When it comes to work, you have two approaches. You either complain all day long to anyone who will listen to you or you remain silent on the subject. After all I am sure your Mother used to say to you; if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. 

You've got to the point where you can't actually remember why you hate Sandra in Accounts or why that customer request angers you so much but it just does. So you just refused to smile and you take the kind away from Kind Regards on your emails as that is how adults say I hate you at work.

You don't see a future at this job

4) You don't see a future there

It's the day where your career turns into a job and you just need to stay to pay the bills but the passion has gone and you no longer see yourself achieving or developing. 

Development should be an exciting opportunity in any job and whether your aiming for a promotion or just to enhance your skills you should be motivated to do better. When that has gone it's time to look at a career that will fulfil you.

The Sunday Feeling - Dreading Work

5) That Sunday feeling

This is more than the weekend ending and wondering why there are only 8 bank holidays a year. This is the pit in the bottom of the stomach, the feeling of almost panic that you have to face the working week again, so much so that it ruins the whole of Sunday.

You obsess over what you didn't do last week and how you'll manage to get everything done this week. You lie in bed thinking of any excuse why you don't need to go tomorrow.

Is any of this sounding familiar? 

Even if you know you're in the wrong job, making the jump still isn't easier. The fear that the "grass isn't greener on the other side" seems to linger but how will you know if you never explore. 
If things get this bad then it usually won't get any better and although you might want to blame a bad boss or poor company something it's none of that, it is just a bad fit.

So move away from an environment that isn't right for you, regain your positivity and start that job hunt to find a career that is perfect for you and one that motivates you to achieve and develop. 

What the worst job you have ever had, comment below. I'd love to hear your stories.

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  1. I've known it's time to quit my job for some time now. My company is on a downhill spiral, sales are too low, financial losses are mounting, and the company president is a pathological liar. I've begun the process, but it takes time. My goal is to land a new position by spring.

    1. Hi Bryan, Thanks for the comment.
      It does take a long time to final decide whether you are ready to move on, it took me almost 5 months to make the move, but it is definitely worth it in the end.
      Best of luck with the job search, sounds like you have a realistic target date for your goal. I'm sure it won't be long until your in the right career for you.

  2. I knew it was time to quit my job when I started to get physically sick. I’ve always been a fairly healthy person so it was noticeable. I was having sinus and breathing issues for the first time in life and my doctor couldn’t figure it out. I started getting sick so often that I’d be out for weeks at a time. Needless to say once I quit those issues dissolved. In retrospect I believe it was the stress of trying to decide if it was the right time to quit. My body was sending me a clear signal.

    1. I completely relate, I too left my job after feeling physically sick but couldn't explain it any other way than stress related. Good for you for getting out and glad you felt better so quickly! Hope you have a job you enjoy now :)


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