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"How do I Answer the 'Do you have any Questions', Question" - Ask Me Anything Tuesday

How do I answer the do you have any questions, question

'What reply does the interviewer expect when they ask, "Do you have any questions for us?"'

This can be split into two parts; firstly the interviewer genuinely wants to give you a chance to ask them anything and in turn allowing you to test whether or not the job is right for you and secondly they want to see your passion for the company through your questions and get a true insight into you as a person. 

I'll start by saying you must ask at least one question, never leave an interview saying you have nothing further to add. First impression count but so do last impressions so leave the interview on a high not an anti-climax. 

You should have prepared your questions prior to the interview, so sit down and research the company and then you will be able to think of questions that are tailored to that role/organisation. You can take notes into the interview so make a list of all your questions; always have more than one prepared so that you aren't just asking a question that has already been covered.

It is so important to not repeat. An interview should be conversational and natural so when it comes to your time to quiz the interviewer take full advantage and find out all the information you have not already learnt from the interview. (Asking a question that has already been covered looks like you aren't paying attention.)

Finally, remember all interviews are two sided make sure you have all your questions ticked off before you leave, as the second you leave an interview you should be able to say for certain whether or not you want to go forward with that position.

Thanks for this great question but if you want more depth or examples of questions to ask head to my blog post Recruit Yourself - What Questions to Ask?

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