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"How do I Prepare for my First Interview?" - Ask Me Anything Tuesday

Career Advice; Ask me Anything

How Do I Prepare for My First Interview?

For any interview whether it is your first ever or if you have had 100's before then preparation is key. I put together an interview checklist for this exact purpose so feel free to check it out The Ultimate Interview Tips.

First of all you need to do your research; re-read the job advert and put your Facebook stalking skills to good use by finding out everything you can about the employer. Knowledge is power and being aware of the role/company will come across as passion in your interview. But remember not to go overboard and tell the recruiter everything you learnt about them in one go and instead feed the information slowly into your interview.

If it is your first interview you might not have a lot of work experience to bring to the table so instead think more about the strengths/ skills you can bring to the role. Write down at least 10 strengths prior to the interview and then think of examples to suit. Remember examples don't have to be work related they could be from your education or perhaps even hobbies or clubs you're involved in.

Career Advice; Ask me Anything

Especially for your first interview I'd advise having notes with you to help jog your memory and ease your nerves. Interviews are less about what you know and more about building a relationship with the hiring manager so although it is an interview and you should be professional, be personable and try and find common ground.

With interviews, practise definitely makes perfect which isn't a luxury you get with your first, so have a mock run before the real thing. Consider asking a friend to quiz you and play interview, rehearsing the "interview" environment will make it easier when you do the real thing.

Just remember to be you and sell yourself to the employer; you need to realise how great you are and what you have to offer to the company so that you can make the employer realise the same thing.

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  1. These are really great tips for job seekers.

    1. Thanks Crystal! If you need any advice feel free to get in touch.


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