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The New Year Resolution Catch Up

The New Year Resolution Catch Up

Tea, Coffee... something stronger? I am ready for a good old catch up

How is 2018 treating you so far? 
We are one month in and it's time to start reviewing our goals (those set in my previous blog 5 New Year Resolutions to Make in 2018), measuring our success and putting in a plan of action to ensure we continue on at full speed and achieve those resolutions.

But first let's address the elephant in the room straight away, are you reading this thinking you can't really get involved here as you gave up on your goals straight away? New years eve you had so much enthusiasm, you were ready to take on the world and then New Years Day began probably with the worst hangover. The shame of eating that kebab in the early hours of the morning, breaking your no takeaway rule only an hour or so after making it. 
But don't worry there is no judgement here we have all done it. If it wasn't for the flu meaning my New Years Eve was several cups of Lemsip and bed before midnight, I would have been in that takeaway with you!

So let's start over. I am going to assume we all messed up January and say why don't we all just start over again in February. Wipe the slate clean and get all those good intentions back on track.

I am no Richard Simmons, I can't make you thin and active but as you already know I am a recruiter here to help you achieve all your career goals. Unlike a fitness trainer I won't depose of your chocolate stash but I will kick you into action and make you work on your resume and interview prep until you get yourself hired.

On Track with you Goals

How do you get back on track with your goals?

I am going to break it down into the four main steps to begin again and what actions you need to put into place so you don't have to do this again in March. (I'll let you off the first time as January blues do make it difficult but there is no excuse for February)


Re-establish your Goals

Why do most people fail their goals or give up so easily at the first hurdle? Because there wasn't really any passion for any of it to begin with. Look at your goals again and take time to think if they are really worth pursuing.
I find it is easier if you write them down so they are in black and white in front of you. 
What is stopping you from going for that promotion at work?
Are you just going for it as it's the next step, the money wouldn't be bad either or are you going for it because you're passionate about that career path and you want to develop and grow in the role.
If you add goals onto your list for the wrong reasons you will never achieve them, so start afresh and only include those goals that really motivate you.


Set More Realistic Targets

Not everything can be achieved by tomorrow so be realistic about the length of time you give yourself to do each part of your goals.
If you are looking for a new job don't be disheartened when you don't hear back after 24 hours of sending off your first application. The job search usually take 6 weeks per job, so be more patience. If you set yourself dates that are more likely to happen, you will remain more motivated during the process.
It's great to be ambitious about things but having a more pragmatic approach will make you more likely to achieve.

You've heard it before; Rome was built in a day, good things come to those who wait, so make patience your new best friend.


Set a Clear Action Plan

I have to admit I am that type of person who loves lists and an organised structure.
You need to write down your goals and break them into bite size chunks. Most people fail because they take on too much at once and get overwhelmed but if you break it down you feel that sense of satisfaction when you can tick off each step along the way.
Let me put this into perspective; imagine your goal is to find a new career. Finding a new career is too vague and nondescript, you need itemisize.  
Start with finding out what career you want to go for, then the next step being searching for the job, moving on to sending off the application and so on. It will make it easy for you to see a start and finish point for each and every task.


Give Yourself some Motivation

There are always going to be tasks that you really can't be bothered with; would you rather spend the evening snacking and binge watching friends on Netflix (adding Friends to Netflix has really put a huge strain on my willpower when working from home) or spend hours researching companies so you can tailor your CV. You're obviously going to go for the first option so why not set yourself a prize for following through with the boring bits.
Whether that's saying once you send off that application you can have a glass of wine or saying if you spend the night before the interview focusing on prep once it's over you can buy yourself that top you keep adding to your shopping basket. It will give you that much needed encouragement to get the job done.

My Progress Review

My first month of 2018 reviewed - I promised I'd do it with you!

To sum up in a few words - not great. What happened? I set my goals before Christmas thinking I was being smart so I could take the Christmas week off before the real work started.
... And then the flu hit. I know that is all anyone seems to be talking about in England at the moment but it really is rubbish spending the majority of the Christmas week wrapped up in bed feeling sorry for yourself. 
It wiped me out for almost three weeks of January ... note to self must get the flu jab this year.

With one week to meet all my goal deadlines I wasn't having much luck but I did get pretty far despite the three week delay. 

I am a huge believer in that the journey to achieving your goals isn't a straight path so don't worry about the setbacks or the times you felt like giving up. As long as you keep going you will get there in the end.

Like I said I am not going to do a monthly review but because I didn't have much to put in for January's effort I will be doing a blog post about career changes and my experience with them shortly so I'll knock a roundup of my goals progress in there for you.

Comment below on how you are getting on with your resolutions, I'd love to hear about your successes so far.

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