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"What are Recruiters looking for in my CV?" - Ask me Anything Tuesday

Ask Me Anything Tuesday

"What do recruiters look for in a CV at first glance?"

I'll be completely honest, recruiters are making impressions about you and your CV in a matter of seconds so you need a good CV that jumps out and more importantly gets to the point quickly!

I'll break this down into the three main aspects of the CV the recruiter is scanning for when considering you for the next stage of the recruitment process.

1.      Keywords

If your asking what are keywords and what has that got to do with your CV then don't worry most people don't understand their relevance either. Recruiters don't have time to read every CV in detail so instead they are searching your CV for keywords and now a days it's not always the recruiter doing this. Recruitment software is getting more intelligent and some are doing the searching on behalf of organisations so make sure the keywords are there.

You need to read the advert and highlight all the key strengths, skills they are requiring and then you need to duplicate those words throughout your resume.

2.   Tailoring

There is one thing adding keywords and another showcasing why you fit the specification perfectly. Whilst tailoring should be done throughout your CV, at first glance it should be in your personal statement. This is the very first section of your CV and should be a summary of your experience/skills and should demonstrate your passion for that role and company. So no copy and paste here, make it unique and change it for every application.

3.   Be Unique

Have you gone online and downloaded a template or have you copied your friends CV? Well stop! You might have got away with it at school but for the application process having the same CV as everyone else will never work, you need to stand out by being unique.

Instead of using phrases like "I am hard working" or "I am perfectionist", which are overused and essentially meaningless; put thought into your wording. You need to make it sound like you and even bring in your personality. You want the recruiter to be able to read something that haven't read in every other CV.

If you need more support in writing a CV that gets you hired then check out my CV Writing post.

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