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"What Jobs should I include in my CV?" - Ask Me Anything Tuesday

"What Jobs should I include in my CV?"

"Do I need to include all my jobs on my CV, even those from 20 years ago?"

The response to this question unfortunately isn't a simple yes or no. Lets first of all address the issue of length, a CV should be no longer than 2 pages of A4, so if you can't fit all that experience on two sides then something needs to be cut.

We need to be slightly cut throat here, only saving what is essential for the role. It's exactly like a good spring clean, you need to look at all your roles and assign them what should stay and what should go.

I always say CV's should be tailored and that goes for job roles too. You should be highlighting the skills you have learnt or gained in each job role to match the specification so if it doesn't match you can be more brief in that description or potentially discard it. However, you don't want to leave any large gaps. Don't get rid of all the jobs in a 5 years period because you believe them not to be as relevant because then you are just opening up the recruiters questions of what happened there.

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Roles that we can definitely consider removing are things you did potentially whilst you were at school or in your very early career especially if you are now experienced and have years of professional exposure in that particular field.

It is all about having a common sense approach to whether it is right for the CV or it is just there as a space filler. When it comes to your resume you aren't getting any brownie points for meeting a word quota, so just stick to what is significant and what will get you hired.

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