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"What Things Must Job Seekers Know When Applying For Jobs?" - Ask Me Anything Tuesday

"What things must Job Seekers know when Applying for Jobs?"

What should I look out for during the job search?

This is a huge question and one that could make my answer hundred pages long but I'll do my best to stick to the main points and not bore you with the "too many" details. Applying for a job can definitely be a mind field and trust me even as a recruiter it isn't that much easier jumping through every hoop and remembering what you should and shouldn't be doing. Even when you get the hang of it and think you have it all covered the rules seem to change on you.

My view is you need to stick to the basics and take it back to the beginning. Once you have the basics pinned down the rest will just fall into place. If you want a bit more detail head to my Secret Life of a Recruiter - My 10 Pearls of Wisdom blog post.

Firstly, you need to be applying for the right job so before you even press submit on a single application ensure you know what you want and be confident in your abilities and skills. I know that sounds stupid but you won't get anywhere in the job search if you're applying for jobs that are not right for you. 

Have the CV done and tailored. When applying for a job your CV is the main star, you can't rely on your charm and personality when all they will see is that piece of paper so make sure it is relevant and detailed enough to get noticed. You literally need to stand out from the crowds of other applicants.

Let the Job Search begin

Also, remember that although the most common way of applying for job is clicking applying on a job board, don't limit yourself to that. Get social with your job search, be active on social media for all the right reason and connect with both recruiters and employers on platforms such as Linkedin. Then go further and switch off the computer entirely and speak with your friends or family for referrals or meet employers at networking events or career fairs.

Your job search needs to be 360 and encompass all aspects of the application process, if you want to get your dream job you need to go the extra mile and incorporate all these methods into your job hunt. 

The job search isn't difficult but it is time consuming and you need to put the work in if you want to get hired. It is a job in itself so it is important to not cut any corner and go for it. 

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