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"How Should I Introduce myself in an Interview?" - Ask Me Anything Tuesday

How Should I Introduce Myself in an Interview

How do you start the interview on the right foot?

Now no pressure but the start of the interview is by far the most important thing. We have all heard the saying never judge a book by its cover but when it comes to an interview, hiring managers and recruiters are making quick decisions and I mean quick. First impressions do very much count so you need to take a deep breath and make sure the best possible version of you comes forward. 

It's not only the first impression that counts so once you have the introduction nailed, then head to my Ultimate Interview Tips to help you prepare for the rest of the interview. 

Lets start before the interview even begins, you need to get there on time and ideally 10-15 minutes before the interview starts. I recently heard someone say on time is late and this is so true at the interview stage. Not only is being late a bad impression but it gets you all flustered and you won't be on form for the interview. Instead arrive early, take a sit and settle yourself; it's natural to be nervous prior to an interview so take a few moments to yourself to take some deep breaths and compose yourself. 

Have a warm greeting in the interview

You need to be confident when you first walk into the interview room and introduce yourself to each interviewer. Your introduction should be professional, you should have good eye contact, a firm hand shake and be sure to pick on details. If you are going to form connections in the interview you need to remember details such as names. 

Get rid of the erms and be clear in your speak. I would always suggested writing a small statement about yourself and repeat it to yourself several times before the interview as a strong introduction about yourself is key for the interview to run smoothly. Remember to talk about your skills and strengths but it must link to why you are right person for the post you are applying for. 

Don't be too rehearsed. People fall down so quickly in the interview by being too rehearsed or too professional. You need to form connection so don't be afraid to be personable; now this doesn't mean asking the recruiter all about their personal life but finding things in common will definitely help your chance. 

So remain confident in your own abilities; you got this far remember, you passed the first stage and you now just need to wow them with how ideal you are for their role.

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