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Life After Redundancy, The Facts and Figures

Life After Redundancy; The Facts and Figures

Boxing up all those facts with one neat bow

Read the news and you can't help but think if you're currently out of work it might be impossible to ever get back in. The headlines are focused on the rise in unemployment and the latest wave of companies facing administration which includes the thousands of jobs at risk.

Looking through the articles do you ever get overwhelmed by all the facts and figures? Not sure how it affects you or what it means for your own job search?

If you do then don't panic you are not alone, I have put together a list of facts about unemployment not to scare you but just to make it slightly easier to understand.

But remember you're not a statistic and neither is your job search

Facts and Figures

Unemployment Rates
It currently stands at 4.4% which although is an increase from earlier in 2017, it's actually a decrease from the same time the year prior.

Redundancies Rates
This was at a rate of 3.9 per 1000 employees being made redundant during the period of October - December 2017.

Jobs Available 
There are a lot of vacancies out there so don't feel too despaired about finding the right one, it just takes a lot of hunting. Between November 2017 to January 2018 there were 823,000 job vacancies which is 70,000 more than the year before so there is still plenty of opportunities.

If you're looking for work the majority of roles are in the service industry including wholesaling, retail and motor vehicle repair. So they might be sectors to consider.

All the above facts are according to the Office for National Statics report correct as of Feb 2018

How long does it take to get hired?
According to Glassdoor the interview process take 27.5 days for each role. Now this might seem a long time, but in my experience I think it is spot on. From the point you send off an application to getting hired is usually 4-6 weeks so set yourself realistic timelines. The recruitment process can be long but it is worth it for the right job.


Employment rates will always change and the job market will alter but that never means you won't get back into employment nor does it mean you should hold off on finding your dream job. 

Head to my Life After Redundancy, What's Next post to find out the 6 main steps to getting back into work and more importantly getting a job you love! 

Life After Redundancy, What to Do Next

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