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Life After Redundancy; What to do Next

Life After Redundancy

It is time to get back out there and show them what you've got!

You can't read the news today without coming across another company that is facing administration. The recent closures of Toys R Us and Maplin just shows that working for an established brand doesn't mean that you are not at risk of redundancy. 

It can be an unsettling time if you're going through the process of redundancy, especially when employment rates are on the rise. As according to the Office for National Statistics those unemployed rose in the three months leading up to December last year, making the unemployment rate 4.4%.

What can you do to get back into employment?

If you're made redundant it is important to recognise that finding a new job will become your new full time position so there are steps you need to be taking to ensure you don't get burnt out during the process.

Where to Start?

Finding a new career is more than just spending hours on the computer, researching companies and submitting CV's. Whilst I am not saying you can skip this part entirely, you do need to put the computer down once in a while and try some new methods to gain employment. (You can't hide behind your computer forever)

Get Out There in the Job Search

Get Out There

Spoiler Alert - getting a new job is hard work and it is time consuming. You are fight against a lot of competition to get one spot so you need to go the extra mile. When large brands make redundancies the job search can be made harder, as all of a sudden your co-workers are up against you for the same position and most likely they have a similar experience level as you.

Getting yourself in front of the employer first, helps you stand out in a crowded job market. Instead of just submitting that application, go to a recruitment drive at the employers premise or attend a careers fair and meet representatives of the company directly.

Face to face is always better than an email; adding kind to regards at the end of your email isn't really the personal touch needed in your job search.

The Job Fairs is a national brand that hosts career events all year round in most large cities; so check out there site for an event near you. 
Side note: Career Fairs are a great place to pick up some freebies too; for half a day you could get yourself an interview and also some pens, bags and sweets to compensate you for your time!

Mingle With the Right People

Mingle with the Right People

Unfortunately, it is true what they say it's who you know, not what you know. Whilst this isn't totally accurate as you're not going to become a director just because you know the CEO without any experience; it does give you an edge over the other applicants.

So what do you do if you don't know anyone in high places?
Firstly make your employment status known. Don't ever be too ashamed to tell people you're currently out of work; your friends and family can be a great network for you and could offer you referrals or link you to people in the know.

Secondly, get yourself to networking events and introduce yourself to hiring managers, cutting out the middle person and going straight to the source.
At the start of my career I hated networking, the embarrassment of standing in the corner pretend to get a drink to avoid communicating with others. That was until I realised one simple thing ... everyone is in the same boat. I say it a lot but if you can't sell yourself no one else can do it for you, so before any networking event get your pitch ready so you can introduce yourself confidently.

Top Tip - have a notepad or something you can write on handy, you will want to be collecting people's business cards or details so you can follow up after the event.

Get started by checking out your local Chamber of Commerce events.

Ask For Help; Career Advice

Reach out

It is a very British thing to not want to ask for help but when you are facing redundancy you need that support around you, so stop being too proud and get the guidance you need.

Job clubs are the place to start, these are organised group sessions where you can get expert advice, get updates about the latest roles and even better just meet people who are going though the same experiences as you.

Head to the website for a full list in your area and best of all there are usually several in each city meaning you won't have to commute far to find one.

I am always here to help you in the job search so head to my Service page for a full list of the support I offer. If you subscribe to my blog you will also receive a free Life After Redundancy Planner and Checklist kit.

Life After Redundancy; Planner and ChecklistsLife After Redundancy; Planner and Checklists

Back to School

Whilst I am not suggesting you need to go back to the times of horrible school dinners and staring blankly at a black board; retraining might give you some new opportunities. 

Everyone is different so if you aren't a classroom person don't worry, you can look at day courses, online courses or just simple tutorials. Try and use your time off productively to enhance your skills and gain some further qualifications you can add to your CV.

If you are considering a career change after your redundancy then developing your expertise might be needed. 

Find Me a School has put together a great blog on the advantages to online courses, so if you're unsure about this type of learning check this out first.

Keep a Rountine

Keep to a Routine 

Now this might not seem job related but it is critical to keep yourself in a routine. Personally, I am not a morning person but despite my early morning moans when I am not in my 9-5 I make sure I still get up at the usual time. 

So although you're not going to like me for saying it, you can't have a duvet day all week long. Set yourself weekly goals and give yourself time slots to complete tasks just as you would if you were employed. Treating your job search exactly like you are in a full time job and on someone else's payroll will give you the drive and motivation to get things done.

The end goal is to get back to work so this will definitely make the transition a little easier; you aren't going to get a job by watching homes under the hammer all day.

Practise Self Care

Self Care is Essential 

If you are following a routine then it is important to have some time off. In any job you'd expect your two days off a week so your job search is no different. Don't feel guilty because you need a break, you have earned it. 

It is also good to have a change of scenery once in a while. Redundancy can mean you have financial worries and spending money is out of the equation but even a walk to break the day up will make you feel more refreshed and positive about continuing for the rest of the day.

Don't stress yourself out by going full speed 24/7, have some you time and recharge those batteries. 

Avoid A Financial Crisis

Avoid a Financial Crisis 

Now I am not an accountant or a financial expert so I'll keep my advice here brief. When you are made redundant the first concern can be how are you going to survive without a fixed income and it can be hard to plan as you have no certainty when you'll be back in employment.

Try and make a budget that you can stick to, gather information about any savings you have, what payments you received from your redundancy and put a plan in place. Try and consider where you can cut back, we all have those additional expenses that we don't really need.

If you are unsure what you are entitled to from your redundancy check out the Citizens Advice page for more support. 

It won't be long until you find something new

Remember redundancy can be a great time to explore other options and pursue career paths you have always been meaning to look into. You need to remain motivated and optimistic as it won't be long until you are back at work; enjoy the time off!

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