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Making the First Move ... How to get Interview Feedback

How to get Interview Feedback

No news is good news ... but how long does that last for?

Your interview went well .. or so you thought it did. You felt you built a connection with the recruiter, you laughed at that stupid joke they told, you were personable, experienced and you answered all the questions like a true professional. You left the interview with so much confidence that you would get the call you have been waiting for and then after a week the phone hasn't rang; despite checking your voicemail a hundred times a day. You have even triple checked your emails and none again today. 

You feel rejected and it starts to resemble that same feeling you have after a really great date and then they never call you back. But is this really similar to the dating game? Should you wait a certain about of hours to make the call yourself with the hopes of not looking to needy or too eager.

Well this isn't dating, it's interviewing, the same rules do not apply

You haven't even got the news yet whether or not you have been successful but you assume the worst, going over and over again what you possibly did wrong. I mean you said you loved that show the hiring manager watches and yes technically you have never seen it but you have heard about it a lot at work so surely your faked enthusiasm was good enough.

There is a time where you need to stop procrastinating and start doing. You need to stop waiting at the phone and hoping fate will get you hired and instead get yourself into action and do the calling yourself. 

Make the First Move

Make the First Move

Once the interview has completed don't just shake their hand, get up and leave, show your interest. Ask the recruiter what the next stage is and get a clear plan of action on who is calling who and more importantly when.

Lets compare this to dating again, when should you arrange the second date, (if there is going to be one that is) you should organise it on the first date. Right then and there scheduling a date and making it happen. So interviews aren't exactly the same as dating; not many employers will offer you a job on the spot but set a target date for a call back, at least you know where you're at.

Then you can relax knowing it might be in a weeks time but you now don't have to take your phone with you everywhere you go. Side note do not answer your phone in the bathroom no one's call is that important!

Don't be afraid to call first

Call First

You waited the required week and nothing, so give the recruiter a nudge and don't let them forget you. A polite call is never taken as overboard and it just shows you're still interested in the position. 

Every employer should give you the respect of feedback so you aren't in the way; you're just wanting an answer either way. Why would you put your fate in someone else's hand when instead you can help them to move along the process by gently reminding them how great you are and all the reasons why they should hire you.

If you can't reach them by phone then write them an email but remember you aren't being pushy you're just curious when you'll hear back. It is a great time to demonstrate how much you want the job again, so show your energy for the company. 

Remember the Thank you Note

The Thank you that will get you hired

In one of my previous post I talked about the importance of sending a thank you note after the interview. It makes you more memorable and is a great way to ask when you can expect feedback and speed up the process slightly. 

For a simple sample thank you note and when you should be sending your note through to the recruiter click the link.

It's a two way street

I always say that interviews are a two way street and feedback should be expected. Stop waiting around for a call or email that will decide your future career and instead get into action and make the employer realise why they should be hiring you.

Employers want to offer to proactive and passionate candidates and by making the first move you are showing that you are dedicated to the role. So after your next interview (or date for that matter) don't be afraid to make the first move.

Don't be shy, comment below the last time you made the first move!


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    1. Hi Tiffany, appreciate the comment and glad you found it useful. I would be interested in doing collaborations. I will check out your site. Imogen :)


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