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Podcast Series- Episode 2: How to Get Interview Feedback

Podcast - Episode 2 - How to Get Interview Feedback

Stopping waiting around for the phone to ring and instead go make it happen

It is Friday again! This week has flown by and whilst you might already be in weekend mode, making plans for the two days off you have been looking forward to all week, take a bit of time out to listen to my second episode of my podcast. 

If you are stuck in a rut of hoping the week would fly by so you can enjoy those two magical days away from the office, then you need to wake up and find a job that allows you to enjoy 7 days a week not just 2. (and I am not referring to just not having a job ... it's all about having a job you love)

So what happens when you pick up the courage to go job hunting but no employer is getting back to you after the interview stage? You performed well, you followed all my great advice (you're welcome) but you got no call back, what's up with that?

Well my podcast today is all about making the first move and getting that interview feedback whether it is the good, the bad and hopefully not the ugly.

The full post, Making the First Move - How to Get Interview Feedback will be live on Sunday at the usual time of 11 am so remember to check it out. If you need an extra reminder then why not subscribe to my blog for a weekly update!

Comment below your experiences of trying to get interview feedback.

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