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Podcast - Episode 3: Why it is Never to Late for a Career Change

Podcast - Episode 3: Why it is Never to Late for a Career Change

Age is nothing but a number

It is that time of the week again and I have a brand new podcast episode available for you. This comes ahead of my blog post that will be going live on Sunday so remember to come back at 11 am on Sunday for the full post. 

What are we discussing this week?

We are discussing career changes and why I think there is never an age or level of experience where you are "too old" or it is "too late" to go for that new career venture. Finding the perfect career is definitely a journey and let's be honest how many people get it right first time round? So why would you just settle in a career if it's not right for you. I'll be discussing the reasons why we avoid big career changes and how to get started if you want to make the move.

If you enjoyed listening to this episode, feel free to check out some of my previous podcasts (click below). Who hasn't got 10-15 minutes free every Friday to help them get hired and to master the job search.

Happy Friday all and I'll see you next week for Episode 4. 

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