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A Day in The Life of A Blogger

A Day in The Life of A Blogger

The 9-5 isn’t for everyone and if you’re considering a job with more flexibility, the ability to set you own schedule and if you have a passion for writing and sharing with others then blogging could be the right career for you. 

But what does a blogger actually do? I am going to give you an insight to a normal day doing what I love, blogging!

How to be Your Own Boss with Blogging

The Schedule
9 am - I begin my day around 9 am (that's normally after my fourth alarm rings!) First thing I do is check my phone, I'll go through any notifications and set a plan for the day before getting up and ready.

Working from bed has to be one of the best things about working from home.

10 am - Then it's time to get set up at my desk and start looking through my inbox and responding to comments from my readers. As a blogger, communication is key, you need to engage with your readers and to be honest this is my favourite part of the job.

11 am - Next is scheduling, I don’t want to spend my entire life on social media so I use handy tools to schedule a large proportion of my tweets, Instagram pictures and posts on Facebook – making my life a whole lot easier. 

12 pm - I always break for lunch but I’m normally doing errands, tidying up the house or just general get things done rather than actually eating. Another great thing about blogging is I can get my personal bits done whilst everyone else is at their 9 to 5.

1 pm - If you want your blog to be more than a hobby then you need to look for brands to collaborate with. Every day I put time aside to submit posts to companies and to look for brands to partner with. Sites like Get Blogged are just like job boards they connect bloggers with brands and help you to make money from your passion.

2 pm - I’m no designer but a blog just full of writing would never attract anyone, so I have to put time into my website graphics and the artwork for my social media channels. I use tools such as Canva to help me put it all together.

4 pm - If you subscribe to my blog you’ll know I like to check in with you each week in my weekly newsletter. I put together the ideas and get the campaign ready for it to be sent on the Sunday.

5 pm - Break for dinner and a well-deserved rest!

8 pm - I usually get back on social media to catch up on messages and check everything is running smoothly with my site whilst watching TV or binging on Netflix.

10 pm - I am a night owl so when everyone is in bed, I start writing. I try and bulk write my posts and then I schedule as I go along. I have a schedule of at least 4 weeks' worth of post in front of me at any time.
I'll go to bed once my flow stops which is usually around 1 am but occasionally I can be writing until 2 or even 3 am (no wonder I can’t get up in the morning.)

Quote by Simon Sinek

Is blogging for you?

I am not going to lie and say blogging is super easy because it isn’t but hard work when you love what you do is definitely passion not stress. So if you love writing, sharing advice and working for yourself then a career in blogging could be just right for you.

If you decide blogging is for you and want to find paid blogging jobs then click the link to explore a variety of opportunities.

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