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Can you get a Job using Facebook Groups? (Including a List of Groups to Join)

Can you get a Job using Facebook Groups?

Hands up if you just use your Facebook for stalking people! 

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms out there, with over a billion users it is easy to assume you have an account. Most of us use it religiously, checking it before we do anything else in the morning and having a quick nosy before we switch off at night. 

But what are we spending all our time doing on Facebook? 

When it comes to Facebook I think you can divide users in two categories. 1) The person who uploads a thousand photos a day of their food, their dog or just anything they're doing (I don't need to know everything about you including your bowel moments #keepittoyourself) OR 2) the silent stalker who never uploads anything, they just scroll through others photos and get far too frustrated when someone doesn't reveal their whole life story because you're invested now, they need to let you know what's happening. 

Get hired by using Social Media platforms

Personally, I fall somewhere in between, rarely posting but being engrossed in those statuses that read "l'm over it" with no further explanation. (Why did you post it if you don't want to talk about it!)

But I'm getting off subject, Facebook can have another more practical use. The way we apply for jobs has advanced and now social media is a normal part of the recruitment process. Employers are spending a lot to brand themselves online and make it easier for you to get updates on their latest career opportunities. 

But is there an easier way to search for jobs on Facebook? 

Somewhere where they are all in one convenient place? Well you need to start looking at Facebook groups as a great way to open up your job search.

I'm going to give you the do's and don'ts of how to find a job successfully using these groups. 

The Do's of Applying for Job on Facebook Groups

Get Involved

Once you have joined any group the first thing you need to do is to introduce yourself. You need to clearly state what you are looking to get out of the group, it is all about building a network and making people aware you are looking for new opportunities. You can't just join and expect the jobs to come flooding in, like any part of your job search, you need to be active.

Share the Knowledge

Facebook groups are not only about finding yourself work but they are about support one another to get back into employment. A good Facebook group will feel like a community where you can share advice and help one another. So spread the love and if someone posts a message, then offer your insights. The more you are willing to help the more others will help you.

Tag Others in More than just Memes

Similar to above but in any group you are going to come across a lot of jobs that are just not right for you but that doesn't mean they won't be great for someone else. If you come across an advert that might work for a fellow group member or a friend, then tag them into the comments so they don't miss the opportunity. 

Don't Assume, Ask Questions

One thing that can be frustrating about social media recruiting is it's not always possible to post an entire job advert; so the recruiter may only have left a brief description in the group about the available job. But if it is not enough to help you decide whether you are right then ask questions, it is also a great way to connect with the recruiter in a more informal way before you even send-off that application.
The Don'ts of Applying for Job on Facebook Groups

Be too Informal

When it comes to applying for jobs through social media the lines between informal and the professional approach can become blurred. Remember to always put your best foot forward so even if it is just a comment do what you'd do before submitting an application. Perform a quick spell check and make sure it sounds personable but always professional. (Remove the kisses and the "thanks huns" - think would you say that on your CV)

Bad Mouth other Employers

We have all had a bad boss or worked for a company that wasn't that great but being too vocal about it in a public space (remember Facebook is public) just looks unprofessional. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all; whilst I don't fully agree with that statement putting comments with swear words under adverts or call them out just makes you look bad.
If you see a job go live that you believe to be a scam the best thing to do is to report it to an admin of that group, as they have the power to remove that person or job advert if needed.

Provide your Personal Details

Facebook job groups are supposed to be a way of reviewing opportunities and then if you like the sound of it, you should go down the route of a normal recruitment process. Although, the admins of these groups spend a lot of time deleting spam messages or those that look like scams, there is always potential for one to get through so protect yourself. You should never need to give your bank details to an "employer" over Facebook, so think before you send. Especially with the new data protection laws coming into places in May, you shouldn't even be providing your email in these types of group. Instead ask for their website or for their job application process so you can apply through a secure job application database or job board.
The Facebook Group Directory
I have recently joined a lot of Facebook groups to try and find out what makes a great group above the rest and trust me it took a lot of time and effort so I wanted to do some of the hard work for you. (I'm nice like that)
Below is a small directory of the Facebook groups you should be joining; if you have joined any great groups I've missed, let me know so this list can continue to grow.

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