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Podcast Series- Episode 5: Tools to Keep You Organised at Work

Podcast Series- Episode 5: Tools to Keep You Organised at Work

It might be Friday the 13th but your organisation system doesn't need to be a horror story!

Today's podcast is discussing the tools that make staying organised at work scarily easily (another poor pun.) But being productive at work doesn't need to be difficult and getting on top of you nightmare workload (I know I need to stop with the puns already) can be achieved by getting a little help from apps and online tools.

If you're like me you rely heavily on pen and paper but I am getting with the times. I've been testing out these great platforms to help keep me motivated and less distracted whilst I work from home so I wanted to share my secrets.

Remember the full blog goes live on Sunday so be sure to come back to get the expended story with all the links you need. I'll be back next Friday for another episode of this podcast series but in the meantime feel free to check out the other episodes in this series below. 

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