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"Should I Quit My Job Before I Get Another Role?" - Ask Me Anything

"Should I Quit My Job before I get another role?" - Ask Me Anything

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Hating a job enough that you are considering quitting without anyway else to go is a big decision and one not to made on a whim; it needs carefully consideration. There are so many different factors to consider before leaving a job and some of them are all down to personal opinion but I will try and outline them all in my answer. 

I'll start off by saying the ideal option is to search for a job, get offered a position and then hand your notice into your current employer but I am also smart enough to know that things don't always work out to your ideal plan.

So what put you in this position?

Think about why you want to leave your job

That is a great place to begin. What is making you think about making such a big move without having a backup plan? The only reason I would remotely advise it would be if the situation at your current job has got to a breaking point. 

If you're having a bad day at work and all you want to do is storm into your manager's office with your resignation; I'd stop yourself right there. You need to take time to weigh up all your options when you're not in such a bad head space; things sometimes look better after a good night's sleep.

What to Consider

Before any resignation you need to consider several things:
  • How long do you expect it will take to find a new position? - This varies per sector and your own experiences but think of it like this the recruitment process takes roughly 6 weeks. (Now that is for one job, yes your applications will overlap but take that as a rough guide for a good outcome)
  • Do you have the finances to fund yourself for that period of time off work? - Life is expensive, we all know that and all though budgeting isn't anyone's favourite topic you need to be realistic about how you will manage with no salary come through.
  • Do you have a plan of action and the connections to get that done? - So if you don't have a secure job offer, you should at a minimum have a plan of action of how you will find a job. Knowing which companies are recruiting, knowing who you could possibly reach out to for referrals. Never leave a job not even having the starting blocks laid. 
Have a plan of action

Why I Don't Just Say Don't Do It

Although, I advise complete caution when making a decision this big and time to make sure it is the right choice for you; I would never say definitely don't. And why is that? Because I'd be a complete hypocrite if I did, as I left my last job in the same situation. I got extremely lucky and found a new job in my notice period but I must say I had a backup plans in place. I had a list of people I was ready to contact if I needed work, I had my CV ready, I had thought about why I was leaving and how I would explain that to potential new employers and I had my blog and business ideas.

So I had something behind me and if this is the last resort for you, you need to have that back up plan too.
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