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The 10 Ways to Find a Job

The 10 Ways to Finding a Job

When there are so many options you don't even know where to begin

Finding a job can become a stressful and sometimes even daunting experience; things seem to change so quickly when it comes to the right way to apply for a job so it can be hard to keep track.

But it doesn’t have to be that scary as there are now more ways than ever to get yourself in front of that employer and get yourself hired in your dream job. In the job search it is all about going the extra mile so if the below aren’t part of your job search then you need to add them quickly.

These are my top 10 ways to find a job

Job Boards

It is the obvious starter but one you can’t avoid. Get yourself online and you can simply type your dream job into any search engine and thousands of results will appear, so to narrow down your options you can stick to the big players in the job board market such as Indeed, CV Library, Monster and Jobsite. Employers are uploading new job specifications daily and you can easily filter your search by salary, location or job title.

Remember not to limit yourself though, the more you filter the less you will see; so keep your salary to a bracket rather than a particular amount and instead of adding a specific job title start looking at industries and sectors you want to work in to broaden your results. You never know what will come up that might be just right but not actually fall under your huge list of requirements.

Social Media

You probably use Social Media on the daily, whether you are liking, commenting or scrolling we are all glued to our screen. You can’t resist checking your phone every 5 minutes for that blue flash but have you ever considered using your social media account to get you hired? If you haven’t you are missing out.
More and more employers now have a social presence and most are advertising their vacancies first on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat; with the big brands even accepting applications through these channels. So take 10 minutes out from watching cat videos and instead start connecting with brands online and building relationships with their hiring managers.

Top Tip – before you commencing the search on social media make sure your profile is job ready – no drunk photos needed here! (If you need some tips circle back to my Suit Up Your Social Media post)


Similar to the above on the Social Media side of things but this is a professional platform only. If you haven’t got an account yet, you should definitely set up a profile. Where else can you connect directly with hiring managers and actually send them messages without the reception screening your calls.
Add your experiences and qualifications and be sure to sell yourself, just like you would in a CV. Connect with previous colleagues and friends and ask them to endorse your skills to give your profile a boost to employers.

Sign up to Agencies

Most agencies will work on hundreds of roles and they will be able to match you directly to companies that are currently hiring. You can do a quick search for agencies within your sector and either call them up or pop in and see them. They will most likely ask you to do a pre-interview to assess your suitability to their client list and then if you pass, they do all the hard work for you.
I would always suggest continuing with your own search but keep in touch with the recruiter so they can be checking in the background. Why wouldn’t you want more people on your team helping you wade through the mountain of jobs out there?

Get Referrals

Referrals are by far the best way to get yourself hired. Companies like to trust they are employing the right person for the job and having a current employee vouch for the new staff member makes that person more hireable. Next time you’re looking for a job, spread the world with your friends, family and use them to help you connect with employers.
It is about who you know and you never know who your connections could put you in contact with, so don’t be afraid to ask the question and get yourself noticed. It doesn’t mean a guaranteed job just because you know someone at a company but it makes it easier for sure.

Career Fairs

Career Fairs are usually day events and can be small gatherings with a few career advisors and local organisations or can be huge productions with leading brands present. Do your research online and get some dates for upcoming events, most allow you to walk in on the day and don’t require any type of booking but always double check.
You get the chance to see what roles are on offer, as well as linking with representatives from the company's to discuss their roles in more depth and talk about their recruitment processes. As a recruiter I attended these types of events on behalf of several clients and would even set up interviews there and then with candidates I thought fit the bill. It is only a few hours of your time and you could gain so many useful connections.

Get a Paper

Yes, I know we are all online nowadays but the paper still has its place. It used to be the go to place for job searching and it seems to have died out in more recent years but that doesn’t mean employers aren’t still advertising there. If not just for the ad section but for the actual news, company’s often do press releases about their new products or their expansions and these headlines are usually followed by a recruitment drive so get in first.
If you see a company is growing then send a spec CV through to them detailing your interest and be the first resume that crosses their eyes when they are considering taking on new members to their team.

Networking Events

Organised networking events aren’t just for sales people, they are for everyone. Most large brands hold regular monthly or weekly networking events to allow businesses to connect, but they are also a great ways for candidates to meet the decision makers.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a natural sales person to get something from a networking event, you just need to be personable and get over the fear of meeting new people. Remember, no one else there knows everyone, you are all in the same boat – forming new connections. If nothing else they are normal a great place to get some free food!

Be Searchable online

When you need to find something, you get out there and look for it and companies looking to recruit are no different. They might have put an advert on a job board but they haven’t just left it there, they are actively searching for the right person, so if you aren’t searchable they will miss you.
So what do I mean? When you sign up to any job board they will ask you if you want your details to be searchable to recruiters. Now you might have said no because you don’t want spam emails but this isn’t about them selling their services this is about recruiters sending you jobs that match your job search. It is the completely lazy way to get a job, have them come to you.

Join a Job Club

Job clubs are usually run by non-profit organisations or local councils and their main aim is to give job seekers advice on how to get back into employment. Usually groups run hourly sessions on a weekly or monthly basis and they are a great place to meet like-minded people and share advice and support.
But not only are they a great place for career advice and meeting people in a similar circumstance, it is a great place to find out about jobs available and potentially meet employers. Employers will attend these types of groups to meet individuals looking for work and will send through the list of their latest jobs available. So why not get expert advice and a helping hand in the job search.

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