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"What Are My Options When I Don't Like My Job Anymore?" - Ask Me Anything Tuesday

"What are my options when I don't like my job anymore?" - Ask Me Anything Tuesday

What to do when you don't like your job anymore?

Not liking your job can be covered under two trains of thought, the first which is the more common and far less serious; is the fact you don't like your job because you'd prefer to be sunning yourself on some tropical island all day instead of being stuck in an office. You have a few moans about the guys you work with but overall it's not that bad. Then there is the second version of not liking your job; you feel that sense of dread each morning, you wish you were somewhere else and you have no motivation to keep going in that job role. 

So first things first you need to decide which camp you're in!

The Slight Moans
If you're the first, then it still isn't great but you have more options to change it. Focus on what gives you those periodical moans and try and address them. For example if you and your colleagues constantly moan about your manager micromanaging you and you would actually enjoy your job if they weren't there, try and take some action. Now I am not suggesting you chase your manager out of the office, you should start a lot smaller. Why not arrange a meeting to address the issues and see if some common ground can be agreed. 
If you have smaller concerns about your job but overall you do like that career path, don't let that one thing make you miss out on everything else.

The Dread
The second one is slightly harder. You still need to identify the source of that feeling of dread but you are probably going to be looking at it as something to avoid in your next job role. Sometimes, things just don't fit and there should be no shame in that, the company wasn't right for you or vice versa. This isn't a bad thing as you have found out what you don't want in a career and trust me that will make it easier for you to figure out the perfect job for you.
You need to refocus your energy, instead of spending all your time hating this one job, focus on finding something new.
Yes, I know it is easier said than done but when things get bad in one job it can feel like every job is just going to be the same and there is no point in trying - which is definitely not the case. 
Finding a new job that is better for you will improve your general mood and even sometimes your overall outlook on life.

The Summary

Never feel you have to stay in one job or that you are stuck in one place, there are better opportunities out there that will appreciate your talents. But remember to first identify and try and resolve the situation firstly. Occasionally things can be resolved much easily than you think.

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