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"Where Should I Be Looking For Work?" -Ask Me Anything Tuesday

"Where should I be looking for work?" -Ask Me Anything Tuesday

When you are looking in all the wrong places

There are lots of options when finding a job and the variety can make it more difficult to streamline your job search. I'd compare it to those menus you get in restaurants that literally have every food you can possibly imagine so you spend about an hour deciding which to pick, sending the waiter away as you just need 5 more minutes several times and then your chicken arrives and you wished you'd had gone with the pasta.

So why is it harder to find a job with all this choice?

There is so much choice in the job search

It is easy to miss job opportunities if you are focusing your job search in just one area. For example if you are spending 90% of your time on the job boards, filtering roles and constantly checking for updates then you could miss that role that only ever got advertised on social media. 

There are tons of "compare" sites out there for all sorts of things such as your insurance, to your bills, to booking a holidays and finding a job is no exception. We all go for the easy option and pick somewhere where we can just do one search but we are missing out on all those jobs that never made it to those sites; so you need to expand your search.

You Need to Be Doing Everything

Now, I know this isn't going to be the advice most people are hoping for as if you clicked this link you were probably expecting me to have simply listed one site which is far superior to all others and there was no need to do anything else. But in reality you need to be playing the field a little bit and keeping your eye out for those hidden gems.

I am not suggesting abandoning the job boards but I am saying you need to combine that with all the other options. If we are going back to the restaurant analogy then you should be selecting the tapas.

Start the Job Search

Where to Look

Let's get back to the question in hand and give you the list of what areas you need to be focusing your job search. This is by no means an exhausted list so start doing a little bit of research:
  • Job Boards
  • Social Media
  • Social Media - Job and Career Advice Groups
  • Networking Events
  • Job/ Career Fairs
  • Company Websites
  • Company Recruitment Drives (usually advertised on their site or social media pages)
  • Job Clubs (usually advertised on your local councils websites)
  • Newspapers/ Magazines (even check out those free magazines that come through your front door that you usually just throw away)
  • Notice Boards (smaller companies tend to put flyers on shop noticeboards)
  • Referrals (from friends or family)
  • Sign up to agencies
There aren't really any quick wins in finding a job and when it is a decision as important as finding the right career path for you, why would you want to rush through that decision. 
Basically, get yourself out there and make yourself as visible as possible to employers. The more you do, the better results you will get.

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