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25 Tips To Get Your Dream Job (By Someone who Loves their Job)

25 Tips To Get Your Dream Job (By Someone who Loves their Job)

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If you are applying for jobs and not seeing the return then you have probably asked yourself once or twice "what am I doing wrong?" As a recruiter I am constantly asked this question and there is never a one sentence answer I can give. I wish there was the perfect one liner that would get you hired overnight but unfortunately it is not that simple. 

I tried to trim it down to my top 10 tips last time but to be honest I think I missed out some of the important stuff, so I started writing down every piece of career advice I wanted to send your way and 25 appeared it only a few minutes! I could go on and on but let's be honest are you going to sit and read hundreds of points (who's got time for that) instead I'll keep it relatively short and sweet.
The Top 25 List for Finding Your Dream Job
Think Like a Recruiter - Well my career was built on being a recruiter so this was an easy first step for me but one everyone should follow if they are looking for a job. Ever heard "what would Vin Diesel do?" well this is the same but I am sure the answer is less epic. Think "what would a recruiter want to see", look at your application, interview prep, your work performance as if it weren't you but a recruiter shortlisting you.

Network - "It's who you know, not what you know" plays a big part in the recruitment process especially when you want to go for a promotion, so start networking. You need to stop being afraid of senior management or HR and realise they are the best people to help you progress in your role. At the end of the day they are just people too - there is nothing scary about them. (trust me I work in HR)

Ask For What You Want - You'll never get it if you don't ask! If you want a new job in a different department, or a promotion then stop waiting around for your manager to suggest it to you or just give to you on a plate - that's not going to happen. Make people aware of your ambition and drive.

Sell Yourself - No one but yourself is able to show how great you truly are, so if you can't sell yourself then you will never get through a recruitment process. Being confident and arrogant are two completely different things so don't shy away from revealing what makes you the perfect candidate.

Never Allow Others to Tell You, That You Can't - There will always be people who are going to tell you that you can't go for that promotion or that business idea will never work but you need to learn to drown out the noise if you want to get ahead. Not everyone who is now successful started out with people believing in them, it's pretty much the opposite. 

Be Open To New Challenges - You need to be open to taking on new roles and exploring new avenues as this will help you to decide what job role is right for you. Also, when you are trying out for a promotion, being open to new experiences can help your development and get you recognised. For other methods to help you get promoted click the link.

Get Yourself Out There - There is more than one way to find a job and getting yourself out there is something most of us forget. Whether that is a career fair, recruitment drive or a networking event, you need to get yourself in front of the employer. Learn more about the 10 Ways to Find a Job.

Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone - New opportunities are on the other side of your comfort zone, so stop sticking to what is easier or simpler and be open to the challenge. If you struggle with presentations at work due to nerves stop avoiding it and instead make it a goal for you to tackle.

Have a Plan - When looking for the right career you need to have a plan of action rather than just a desire to get something better. My first post was 5 Steps to finding the Perfect Career and it is all about sitting down and preparing yourself to find the ideal job. I'm definitely a list maker, so whether you use pen and paper or your computer have an agenda.

Be Prepared - There is nothing worse than an unprepared candidate at an interview so do your research. You should be putting time into finding the right job and you can never be too prepared, so before an interview make a checklist and make sure everything is ticked off. You can subscribe to this blog for a free interview and CV checklist to help you get organised.

Be Social (Social Media That Is) - Social Media is a huge part of the recruitment process and if you aren't yet applying for jobs online you need to start. You can connect with recruiters or hiring managers on social media before even pressing applying and you can learn about the employer on a more informal basis. But before you press submit make sure your profile is employer ready with Suit Up Your Social Media.

Have A Great CV - The CV is the first part of any recruitment process and if your CV isn't tailored to the job you're applying to then it can be the last stage. When writing a CV it is all about quality not quantity so take time to review your CV, add keywords and make it relevant. 

Be Honest - It can be tempting to bend the truth in your CV or your interview but companies will do background checks and getting found out will only make you look bad in the long run. So review your CV and take out anything that isn't true, if you are not a pro surfer then don't add it. 

25 Tips To Get Your Dream Job (By Someone who Loves their Job)

Be Searchable - If you have signed up for a job board then you will have been offered the ability to make your CV searchable to employers and hiring managers. This will allow employers to check out your details and come to you. Remember to also update your Linkedin profile so recruiters are aware you're looking.

Have a Portfolio - If you want to stand out from the crowd then a CV only isn't going to do the trick so start putting together evidence of your work that can demonstrate your skill set. 

Spend Time Every Day Working on your Goals - Put time aside every day to improve yourself and get one step closer to your goals. Whether that is self-development courses, applying for jobs or just putting together a plan of action - make it happen.

Be Personable and Professional - Fit is essential in any job so let your personality come through when you are going for a job. It is important to be professional but an interview should feel more conversational rather than just a list of questions.

Knowledge is Power - In any part of the recruitment process knowledge is key, you must be willing to do your research and when you find out about the company remember to feed that knowledge into your interviews. Social Media can be a great way to find out more about an organisation.

Always Send a Thank You - After an interview always send a Thank you note, it is a great way to make you memorable to the recruiter and also an opportunity to ask when you can expect feedback. 

First Impressions Always Count - First impressions in an interview are the most important so make sure to impress. As well as dressing the part you need to have your introduction rehearsed. Make sure to engage the hiring manager right at the beginning.

Ask For Feedback - Feedback is essential to your job hunt, so every time you apply but are not successful for a role you need to be requesting further information about why you weren't successful on this occasion, so you can improve next time round. If you are struggling to get feedback head to my post about Making The First Move ... Getting Interview Feedback. 

Go The Extra Mile - If it's your dream job you need to be willing to do extra and go beyond just submitting an application. You need to stand out against the competition by sending off your portfolio, giving the personal touch by calling the recruiter and having knowledge about the job.

Make Small Changes - You don't need to jump in at the deep end to get your dream career or start up your own business. Instead make small changes in your employment, whether that be taking on extra responsibility or starting on a side hustle. Small steps will eventually lead to a big impact.

Know What You Want - Sounds stupid right? But getting your dream job means you need to know what it is. Stop focusing your time and energy on hating your current job and instead take time out to really consider what would make you happy. Check out my 5 Stages to Finding the Perfect Job if you're struggling.
Be Yourself - An interview is all about putting the best you forward but don't forget the word "you." The recruitment process isn't about just trying to be what the employer wants or being so professional you lose your personality. Fit is a huge part of any recruitment process so be personable, let them see the real you and form connections. 

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