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Be your Own Boss: How to Start a Side Hustle

Be your Own Boss: How to Start a Side Hustle

Big Business starts with Small Steps

We all day dream about being our own boss, thinking about the day when we can hand in our notice and do it on our own. According to the financial website Know Your Money 47.6% of UK adults would like to start their own business, that's almost half of us, so why aren't we all doing it?

Simple answer is most people don't know where to even begin and the easiest option seems to be to settle in a dead end job and leave those ambitions of setting up your own business as a day dream. If you really have the passion to go it alone, then the fear of taking the first step shouldn't stop you. 

Remember the first step doesn't need to be the biggest

So how do you get started? It all starts with one small step at a time. Have that drive to go big but be realistic enough to realise you're not going to be the next apple CEO overnight. When I decided I was done with the 9-5 life, I didn't drop everything and pour all my money into a business instead I started with a bit on the side. 

You can have it all

Have it All 

Far too often you're told you can't have it all but in reality that couldn't be further from the truth. Why give up everything that employment can offer, such as stability and let's face it the big one a steady pay check; instead focus on your motivation to set up your business as a side hustle. 

You can work on your ideas in the evening or weekends and gradually grow into a bigger business or self-employment. There is a lot to learn when you first start out and things always take longer than expected so be open to a little extra work in the short term, for a huge benefit in the long term.

Have an Idea

Have an Idea

Okay, so we all want to be our own boss but being the employee of the month for sitting at home watching Netflix marathons isn't going to get you anywhere. You need to have really considered what you want your business or side hustle to be and the best way to do this is to consider all your strengths and desires and put these together to make a successful venture. 

Though tempting to let your imagination run wide, be realistic and practical in your decision making process. You want to do it your own way but if your business idea is floored then it unlikely you're going to be able to pay your bills and enjoy being independent in your career.

Friends and family can be a great sounding board so bounce ideas off people and get a sense check on what they think of your plan of action first.

Market Yourself

Market Yourself

If you want to begin your side hustle, you have to put the word out there and I am not referring to just telling your close friends. A social media and web presence is essential for any upcoming business or side hustle so you can spread your net a little wider than your office bestie and actually start building the momentum of traffic to your business.

Your site should be professional, attractive and really sell your brand and if you're ticking all these boxes you'll be amazed at how many people your little idea can reach. The problem is, we aren't all designers or coding wizards (I am definitely in the camp of complete amateur when it comes to all things technical) but the solution is easy, get the pro's in to do the hard work. 

Silky Ocean Studios can take away all that hassle of creating a site and get you online and make that dream of becoming your own boss a step closer.

Put in the Effort
Put in the Effort

Like anything in life, no one is going to hand you this on a plate and I hate to break it to you but if you want to get set up on your own you need to be willing to put the hard work in. 

I started my site 7 months ago now and I am still committed to the 9-5 club part time to give myself some stability. I can voucher that it takes time, late nights and plenty of internal discussions about whether you're doing the right thing. But guess what, it is 100% worth it. The freedom to call yourself the boss and the perk of being employee of the month every month (pick your own choice of award here) outweighs everything else. 

Start small, get your ideas together, start your plan of action and get your website and online presence on point. So why not consider taking this bank holiday Monday and actually do something useful with it, put it aside to begin your side hustle! 

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