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The Job Boards You Should Be Using

The Job Boards You Should Be Using

Let an inside tell you where all the good stuff is hidden

It's like being a kid in a candy store but this shop keeper isn't giving out sweet treats, they're offering up vacancies. Okay, you might prefer the sweet analogy but let's get the adulting done and focus on getting a career (don't worry you can have the sweets and the job)

There seems to be job boards popping up everywhere, whether sector based, location specific or just general job boards, it's like you have to sign up to a million sites if you want to find a job. But is that really the best use of your time? 
Simple answer is no! It is possible to stick to just a few job boards meaning you can spend more time researching companies and prepping for an interview rather wasting your entire life searching online (let's be honest you're going to end up using that extra time searching online for clothes, shoes or cat videos aren't you.) I am forever telling you there is no short cuts in recruitment and you need to put a lot of time into your job hunt so it's refreshing to actually be giving you some time saving advice!  Yes, finding the perfect career is time consuming but you need to be focusing your time in the right areas and scrolling through countless job boards definitely isn't productive. 

Giving you the Inside Scoop

Before you ask, no I don't work for a job board but I have done my research. As a recruiter I spent days, no maybe weeks filtering through job boards to find out where I should be promoting my adverts (this was by far one of the least interesting parts of my job.) I don't want to have to put you through that same misery of completing the job board screening process, instead I am going to share my thoughts on exactly where you should be looking for work. 

This is my list of the job boards you should be heading to.

Check Out Company Review When Applying for Job


I had to start with Indeed as it's the world largest job board so where else could I possibly begin! According to their site they have 200 million users each month so if you have never heard of them before then you are probably in the minority here (I mean, did you send your last application off via pigeon carrier?!?)

Okay, so we all know it's big but what features should you be using? You can stick to the basics and simply search via job title and location, filtering your search based on your requirements but you can go a step or two further. The first great feature on the site is the company review section. We're all used to looking at the reviews before going to a hotel or enjoying a meal out so why wouldn't you do the same for something much more important, your career. On Indeed you can simply click on the company name in the advert or search them in the review section and real applicant, current and ex-employee feedback will appear. You can break the information down by location for larger companies and even see the average salaries paid by the organisation, making salary negotiations a little easier

The second great feature is the salary checker, you can select a location and job type and see the typical salaries for that role. This can help you set a salary expectation that is realistic.

Add Your CV to CV Databases

CV Library

So we started big and we aren't getting much smaller with this one, CV Library is the UK's leading independent job board hosting over 171,000 jobs (so you'll be spoilt for choice.) 

Again, the usual options apply with the ability to filter job searches and sign up for regular updates but my favourite feature of this site is its CV database. I've mentioned before the option of making yourself visible on job boards and CV Library is a bigger player when in this remit. So how does that benefit you? Well it means a lot of companies and recruiters are actively looking for potential employees on CV Library and if your name is part of that list, they could be calling you about their next vacancy. There are over 9,000 companies currently using the site to find the right applicant so make sure you can be found.

Another, great tool of CV Library is their blog. Now I'm not suggesting you desert my page to dedicated your career advice reading to CV Library but when I am not posting I'll let you off for checking out their huge library of articles. 

Check Salaries Online


You might be thinking, I've given away the biggest job boards so why look anywhere else? But Jobsite is a site you should be checking out. Jobsite is by no means small as it is part of an organisation with 44 million users worldwide per month (I'd love those stats for my little site) but that's not why I included them. They are in the list because they are actually incorporated with a 100 other sites, so basically you're getting a lot for your money, or in this case time when it comes to Jobsite. 

This site has most of the features previously mentioned and it is super easy to use and adjust to your own requirements. 

Search for Courses on Job Boards


Reed isn't just a job board, it is actually a recruitment agency and a very large one at that. With its #lovemondays they provide a full service to support job seekers finding the perfect career. They are flexible in their approach as you can sign up to Reed the Job Board or Reed the Recruitment Agency, it's entirely up to you and how you wish to manage your job search.

You can still shortlist jobs and tailor your search but with Reed you can even search for your training needs. With their course search you can review online and traditional classroom based studies, helping you boost your next application. The list contains a mixture of free training to university courses. 

Another, unique feature on Reed's site is their recruitment directory which allows you to search through a huge list of recruitment agencies in your area. Recruitment agencies can get some bad press (a post for another day) but they are worth checking out as they could help connect you with local employers.


All these job boards are easy to use on your mobile devices, coming with apps if you prefer to look for jobs on the go and if you don't have time to search every day for new posts, make sure to sign up for their mailing lists. With so many employers advertising on these sites it seems unnecessary to go anywhere else but remember that job boards are only one part of the job search, the rest can be found in my post 10 Ways to Get a Job.

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