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The Top 10 Career Advice Sites You Should Be Following

The Top 10 Career Advice Sites You Should Be Following

Finding those Hidden Career Advice Gems

We all need a bit of advice now and then and your job search is no exception, so why is finding the right place to get good and accurate advice so difficult? Just google "career advice" and you'll be flooded with hundreds of options (no doubt the first few pages being crowded with job boards) so knowing what advice to taking can be overwhelming.

Before I started my own career advice blog, I was like yourself, searching for relevant sites so I could read up on the latest career advice and then share these tips of the trade with my applicants. 

But there is no need for you to spend hours scrolling through sites to find first-rate guidance as I want to let you in on a secret; there are some fantastic, hidden (granted some less hidden than others) blogs out there written by the experts and I am going to give you the list. 

The Top 10 Career Advice Sites You Should Be Following

Might sounds strange that I am doing this list right? (if you hadn't noticed I'm a career advice blogger myself) Well I understand that a job seeker needs a variety of resources to help them get hired so after you have read my blog on Sunday, I want to give you somewhere to go on Monday.


From finding a job, to setting up a business and even tips on how to take control of your finances this blog is packed with expert advice. The site is written by women looking to support other women become successful in their own careers. It was named one of Forbes "35 Most Influential Career Sites" and that is definitely a deserved award.

Approximately posting three times a week, and when you're done reading listen to their podcast or check out their Youtube channel. 


Another career site for women run by women, which is all about helping you achieve your goals. Made up of articles, courses, webinars and a built in job board means however you best absorb career advice this blog has got that box ticked for you. 

My suggestion would be to check out their interview series; they conduct regular interviews with successful entrepreneurs and thriving professionals giving you the motivation and the steps to accomplish your goals.


The 9-5 Project offer CV writing services and career related courses but their blog is a real personal approach to the job search. Going from articles such as the "number of questions your resume needs to answer" to "what colours you should be wearing in an interview", this blog has an entertaining and informative style. 

Strange Coincidence - this blogger is a featured writer at The Muse, another blog on this list. 


Primarily a job board, it does also have a career advice blog on the side. You need to be following them on twitter if you like a good meme (I'm forever retweet them as I love a funny work meme) but they do also throw some useful advice in their as well. 

The articles vary from "how to be productive" to "is being nice at work holding you back?" as well as posts covering locally focused job news. 


A site I recently discovered and the newest site on the list but that doesn't mean they don't know what they are talking about. Written by six women who started the site as a creative outlet, the site is packed with honest articles about everything from "how to raise your salary" to "10 GIFs to describe women in the workplace".

They say they want to be unapologetically real and they are! They also do a spotlight section which highlights expert writers so you get a real mixture of voices. 


What doesn't this site have! Podcasts, celebrity interviews, expert advice and articles. Made up of contributors, the articles can be written by CEOs, influences, recruiters, teachers and that list really does go on and on. Their people section means you can actually find out about all the people behind the stories. 

It's a lot more than career advice, their article also cover topics such as Self-Care and Mental Health issues. 


A one stop shop for articles written by a range of career advice experts, even giving you a section to search for local career advisers. As the site is made up of several guest writers, you get to read excellent real life stories, which draw on the writers personal experiences of the job search and progressing within their career.

Whether you want videos, top 10 lists or advice on suitable career related courses then you will be spoilt for choice. 


This blog has been running since 2005 after the owner saw a gap in the market for real and honest career advice. A straight to the point approach to offering up advice on the job search merged with some real light-hearted entertaining posts. 

If you want to know the best games for office Olympics then this site has you sorted!


The Balance was set up as a financial site helping you to achieve financial empowerment, however its career section is a mixtures of top 10 guides (including "best paying careers", "where to look for work" and "benefits of working as a freelancer") as well as articles covering all aspects of the recruitment process.

I included this site as it truly is a collaboration showcasing articles from a variety of HR and recruitment professionals who know all the right advice to give.  


Yes it's a paper but I am not suggesting it for the news. Less of a how to guide site but more aimed at articles that reflect and discuss people's experiences with certain professions or discussing hot topics currently affecting the recruitment industry.

It's also a job board so once you have your advice why not browse a few jobs.

The Top 10 Career Advice Sites You Should Be Following

Don't feel like you have to do it alone when it comes to the job search, there is a lot of expert advice just round the corner. 

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