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"What are your Strengths?" - Which Areas to Highlight in Your Interview

"What are your Strengths?" - Which Areas to Highlight in Your Interview

Tell them you're the best without being so direct 

Unless you're the type of person who loves telling everyone how amazing you are and generally just declaring you're the best several times a day, then presumably you find the thought of "selling yourself" in an interview a daunting prospect. 
When trying to explain to a recruiter why you're the perfect candidate for the role, the line between confidence in your own abilities and bragging can appear to be a thin one. So if you're not a self-praising person then you do need to figure out which of your strengths make you more employable and have the confidence to showcase these strengths to the recruiter. 

I am going to help you realise what strengths will get you hired. 

Tailor Yourself to the Job Specification

Tailor Yourself to the Job Specification

Selling yourself and bragging are two very separate things and when it comes to your interview, you want to be highlighting how you fit the job requirements and how your previous experience matches with the company's expectations. 

When you're introducing your strengths to an employer you need to be including those mentioned in the job advert, then further documenting examples of how you have exhibiting those skills in previous employment or experiences. Each interview you attend shouldn't have a cookie cutter approach and instead needs to be completely tailored to the employer you are interviewing with. 

Know the Job Market 

As part of your job search you should be reviewing a variety of job adverts to identify the most commonly required skills in that sector as this. Spotting common requirements this means there is an in-demand need for applicants who possesses these attributes. If you have proven your ability in these areas then it is important to highlight this throughout your interview. Find out what the market is looking for and become the solution to that problem by filling that skills shortage. 

The second aspect of this is there are some strengths that are just inherently required in a particular role or sector so you need to be showcasing these as well. For example, a job advert for an administration role might not state you need to be organised, a strong communicator or a proficient multi-tasker but these are definitely assets you should be revealing to a recruiter.

Don't Be Too Generic

In any interview you want to stand out from the competition so don't repeat the same strengths every other applicant has already introduced. Always consider what something is adding to the interview and if it's not really adding something that will help in the recruiters decision making process then you don't need to say it. 

For example, stop telling the recruiter you're a punctual person or someone who can complete tasks given to them. Be more specific and detailed in your answers instead of giving vague/ non descriptive comments. 

Have Examples to Back up your Claims

Have Examples to Back up your Claims

Anyone can list endless strengths or skills but recruiters want a little more proof with that pudding so have examples on hand to validate your claims. Home in on your top skills and add reliability by stating how you have shown this previously.

You don't need to be the most confident person to promote yourself in an interview, you just need to be looking to tailor your experiences and skills to the role and then use stats, examples or even a portfolio of work to give further credibility to those claims. 

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