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Why The World Is Becoming Much More Remote

Why The World Is Becoming Much More Remote
Work from anywhere in the world

Now a days we hear a lot of positives about the remote working lifestyle.  Many people are making the most of recent advances in technology and cultural shifts to enhance their lives by working or studying remotely; meaning they can be anywhere in the world, providing they have a laptop and a decent internet connection.
Option to Work Remotely

There are many benefits to working and studying remotely. In Britain alone, there are 5 million people embracing the remote working lifestyle (that’s almost the population of London).

The trend of remote working seems to be more of a long term societal shift than a passing fad and the same is true for studying.  In fact, no matter what area of education you’re interested in you can find online courses, offered by credible universities and tutors covering a range of subjects.  For instance, it’s simple to find an IELTS online tutor and many of these tutors work remotely, meaning as a career choice, it can be a reliable and fairly well paid way to benefit from the flexibility of remote working combined with the security of having steady work.

Why The World Is Becoming Much More Remote

Benefits of Working Remotely 

In essence, the benefits of the remote working lifestyle are pretty clear as demonstrated by the thwarts of people who have already exchanged their cramped office cubicle and congested commute for a life that is more on their terms; often to be found sipping out of a freshly chopped coconut on faraway shores.

Embracing the remote working lifestyle doesn’t have to be as extravagant as vagabonding your way around South East Asia.  It could be motivated by a desire to spend more time with your family, and be present for the school plays and sports games that so many working parents miss.

Draw Back of Working Remotely

Remote working isn’t without its drawbacks, for instance having less social interaction can lead people to feeling isolated and alone. The main challenge is that the ‘remoteness’ of the remote working lifestyle can become a bit too, and it's easy to feel cut off and trapped in an insular life away from the social elements of mixing with coworkers each day.

Secondly, quitting the security of a job that guarantees a monthly salary, and opting for the freelance lifestyle is a risk so finances should be taken into consideration. Competition could be another factor to consider, the internet has opened the door to a global labour market, many of whom may charge cheaper rates due to difference in the local cost of living.

It’s important to be realistic about the challenges you may face as a freelancer, but with so many lifestyle advantages, the remote working lifestyle seems to be increasingly in favour and shows no signs of stopping.

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