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Navigate An International Move For Your Career

Navigate An International Move For Your Career

Let your career go international

If you are struggling to find a position that you want in your current career, you might be thinking about relocating. After all, there are countless countries in the world where you might have better luck, particularly if you’re pursuing a career in a competitive industry.

But just how difficult is it to move for your career and relocate for a fresh start in an exciting new international location? That’s what we’re going to look at on this article.

It Depends On The Country And Your Home Residence

Let’s say that you want to work in the UK. If you currently reside in a country in the EU, you should find this very easy despite the looming shadow of Brexit. The borders between the UK and the EU are now going to remain open until beyond 2020, and if you move before this point, you will have a secure status living there for life if the new white paper goes through. There are certainly other places where this is true as well. For instance, moving to the US from Canada is arguably easier than trying to move from Sudan. Politics are definitely part of the equation here.

In contrast, if you apply to work in the UK from a country outside the EU it is a lot more difficult. Many people feel that the cards are stacked against immigrants looking to enter, and it does help to have an expert legal advisor on your side if you’re making this type of move.

Similar to Australia and to an extent the US, the immigration system operates on a points system. So, basically, it depends on what you can bring into the country when you make your move and how you can benefit the economy. Speaking the native language is typically a mark in your favour as is postgraduate qualifications.

Navigate An International Move For Your Career
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Other Ways To Make It Easier

If you want to make moving for your job easier, you might consider getting the position before you actually try and relocate. To do this, it’s worth speaking to a recruitment agency that perhaps specialises in international positions. By doing this, you might just be lucky enough to find a great position and if you’re the right fit, get an interview.

You might also find that you don’t need to do much work at all. If you have great qualifications and experience, you could be headhunted. Companies are searching more and more further afield to find the right person to fill a position.

The Emotional And Physical Toll

Finally, it’s worth thinking about how moving for your career will affect you personally and could impact any family that you may have. You need to think about everything from schooling to accommodation and cultural changes. A lot of people are eager to move to Dubai for instance, but you need to be prepared for the cultural and indeed the climate shift. It’s certainly nothing like living in America, and you will have to decide whether the opportunity is worth the change.

We hope this helps you decide whether relocating internationally for your career is the right decision for you.

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