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Applicants From Overseas Might Be More Employable Than You!

Applicants From Overseas Might Be More Employable Than You!

Are you the best person for the job?

A common complaint from a selection of job applicants is that candidates from other countries are able to access roles easier than UK citizens. But is it true that applicants from overseas are just more employable?
The currently ratio of UK citizens employed in Britain is still more than those coming from overseas, but that doesn’t mean that we’re any more employable. Whether it is work ethic or skills level, it might be time to consider why overseas applicants are becoming more employable and what we can learn from this to open up more opportunities.

More Qualified
The quality of education can greatly differ in each country and whilst the UK does have a good standard of education, this doesn’t mean we always put a lot of effort into our own education?

Many of us will admit, we lacked attention or care when it came to our school grades but that attitude can come back to bite later in life. International candidates however are using their education to get themselves ahead in the application process.

English courses and maths qualifications are two areas that many overseas applicants are taking in order to get employed. Improving their English language skills, help them to more effectively interact with customers, clients and potential employers.

Whether it takes 6 months, or even a year, these applicants are spend their time to get educated and to learn the English language, despite it being one of the hardest in the world to speak!

People From Overseas Might Be More Employable Than You!

Strong Work Ethic
We’ve all had that feeling of lacking the motivation to get up and go to work, thinking it'd be easier to stay in bed, it’s a routine we all go through. For a lot of us, there’s just no drive to work.

However, overseas applicants know there is competition to get employment in the UK and therefore they're showcasing their strong work ethic to get ahead. Putting 100% into everyday, showing employers that they’re right from the job. We could really use some of this enthusiasm towards our own working lives!

Better Experience
Education and work experience are two core aspects potential employers are reviewing in your CV and overseas applicants are developing experiences that could put themselves ahead of the competition.

It’s doesn't have to be difficult to find the experience you need for a role, whether you consider work placements or voluntary work, this could help you stand out.

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