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Seven Career Choices for Active People

Seven Career Choices for Active People

Get out from under the desk and get active in your career

If you love being active and would like to avoid a desk job, there are some great, rewarding careers you can pursue to stay fit and avoid boredom in the workplace. You can spend your time outdoors, help people make the most out of their fitness and talents, or simply ride your bike for money.

No matter which job makes your heart beat faster, you can find your true calling if you start thinking outside of the box. Find out more about these great career opportunities below.

Wildlife Researcher/Preservationist

Are you a person who cares about the environment and every living creature? You can pursue a career in preservation and animal welfare, and even become a part of a wildlife research team. You need your hiking gear for this challenging job, and you will most certainly need your passport handy at all times.

A good way of embarking on a career in this field is applying for charity work or apprenticeship programs and find out whether life in the wilderness and working with animals is for you.

Sports Organiser

When you are passionate about sports, you might want everyone else to take part and enjoy the benefits of physical exercise. You might become a local sport organiser, or even an event manager.

Check out the great courses offered by Adelphi University to find out more about the different methods you can get closer to your career goal. You might work with kids and local community organisers to introduce people to sports, promote exercise and healthy lifestyle, to make a real difference in people’s lives. You will need a management degree and a sport related diploma to be considered for this job.

Bike Courier

If you are looking for a flexible job that keeps you fit and active, why not try becoming a bike courier? In case you are using your bike for leisure and complete several miles per weekend, why not getting paid for it by turning your hobby into a career.

You will burn calories all day, see different places, and interact with people. This job can make you feel better about yourself, especially if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint. You might need advanced bike safety training to get started with a company, but you will be able to set your own hours, so you still have time for those scenic, leisurely rides after work.

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Event Organiser

You love the buzz and like talking to people from all walks of life. You can put your communication skills to good use, and help people create the perfect event. Whether you will find employment in the wedding or corporate industry, you can get creative, listen to people, and deliver dreams on every level. You might need to develop strong working relationships with contractors and venue managers, as well as company leaders and individuals, and you can be surrounded by interesting individuals all day.

Sports Coordinator

If you want to help kids and adults get fit and change their lifestyle, you can join a local fitness centre, a school, or a community centre to organise events, activities, create courses and training, find talent, and locate the best regional and national competitions your team can take part in.

You might want to create awareness of a sport you are passionate about, offer introductory training, or free advice for those who are thinking about changing their lifestyle.

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Water sport Instructor

Water signs simply love being close to the sea or river. If you are one of those people who is first to go in the water and last to leave, you can find your true calling by becoming a watersport instructor.

Whether you are passionate about water skiing, sailing, or surfing, you can train to be an instructor and help others have loads of fun while in the water. You will need first aid and lifeguard skills, but as a perk you can spend most of your time in the water.


Are you a dancer and have a natural feel for rhythm? You can become a choreographer, helping local amateur and professional groups design their performances, choose their music and moves.

You will need to have advanced dance skills and training, good communication and interpersonal abilities, and a fun-loving personality. You will not only have to write the choreography, but also communicate and teach it to the performers.

If you are an active and outgoing person, a job behind the desk or the wheel might not be for you. Choose one of the above professions to get a rewarding career.

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