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Turning Your Apprenticeship Into A Full-Time Position

Turning Your Apprenticeship Into A Full-Time Position

Learn whilst you earn

More and more people are opting to take apprenticeships today as a method of getting into full-time work. For a few years, apprenticeships felt like they were on the decline, as university became the main goal for most people.

However, they are experiencing a resurgence, as people recognise the benefits they bring in terms of getting real working experience. With that being said, if you are about to embark on an apprenticeship, read on to discover some advice on how you can impress and increase your chances of being offered a job at the end of it.

Establish targets
The first piece of apprenticeship advice is to set yourself targets. In a lot of cases, businesses will want to sit down with you at the start of your internship so that they can set you objectives for your time at the company. This may be to hit certain targets or it could be to complete a specific project. No matter what, make sure you thoroughly understand what is expected of you. if your new manager does not do this, it is up to you to speak up so that you can establish your goals. If you don’t, you won’t have any focus during your apprenticeship.

Be open about your aspirations
You may assume that the company knows you want to stay, but this isn’t always the case. There is no harm in stating your aspirations and making it clear.

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Add value to the business you are working for
If you want to secure a full-time position, you need to show the owner that you add value to the company. You need to show them that once your apprenticeship ends, the business will be at a loss if you are not kept on. It is all about going the extra mile. Yes, you need to make sure you get the experience and skills you are hoping to gain. However, you can also add some extra enthusiasm and energy to the mix, going above and beyond what is expected of you. Don’t be afraid to pitch your orders either. If you show initiative, you will impress.
Find the person who is most overloaded with work
Last but not least, you need to look for the person that is most overloaded with work and offer to assist. This fits into the former category regarding going above and beyond. Helping the most stressed person in the office will certainly get you into numerous good books.

As you can see, there are a number of things that you can do to increase your chances of being hired once your apprenticeship comes to an end. If you do not get offered a job, don’t get down about it. Some companies simply do not have the capacity to take people on. Use your newfound knowledge and contacts to your advantage and you will have a job in no time.

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