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A Day in the Life of a Freelancer

A Day in the Life of a Freelancer

The Life of a Freelance Writer

The world of freelancing is an industry many desire to be part of. Day dreaming of the day when you can quit your 9-5 job and do it on your own. But many aren't quite sure what is involved when you're your own boss. 

I get asked the question of what I do on a day to day a lot, and whilst most might think I am binge watching Netflix all day and living a glamorous life style, the reality is a little different. 
So I thought I'd give you an insight into a normal day in my world.

9 am 
I start my day by creating a plan of action, helping me assign time and ensure client articles and blog posts are completed by the deadlines. I set a weekly plan on a Sunday and update daily (failing to prepare is preparing to fail after all.)

10 am
Checking emails is a big part of the day. Whether that's updating clients about articles or responding to reader's comments, most communication is done through emails. I get a huge amount of spam emails so there is a lot of deleting involved! 

Then my least favourite part of the job but the most essential is invoicing. Whether sending out invoices or chasing, this is part of the job I could do without! (Getting a monthly pay check is much easier.)

11 am
Most articles require research before you're able to putting together the piece. Therefore, it's essential to review other sites or articles to use as references and quotes making the articles accurate and informative. 

So I use my best investigating skills and I get to work! 

12 pm

Now it's time for the main event, start writing but before I put pen to paper or keypad to document, I list all my ideas. I break down articles into sections and headers, giving me a clear structure which really helps when producing an article.

This is where self-motivation is a huge factor, coming up with ideas when you have a huge block is something I have to overcome on the daily. 

1 pm
After the sections are in place, the writing begins. At this point the focus isn't on grammar and spelling as I'll proof read later on.

The first draft is normally just madly trying to write down everything in my head before I forget it. When I get on a roll I could be writing for hours, it's important to never stop the flow. 

2 pm

Then it's time for a lunch break but usually that is spent running errands. One benefits of working from home is you can do your washing, shopping or any personal task in your break.  (Occasionally there is time to eat)

3 pm
As a freelance writer, I had to get myself more out there on social media, to promote my work. I dedicate time each day to advertising on social platforms including Linkedin. 

Whilst I'm not a fan of posting pictures of my dinner, I do love being able to interact with readers and like-minded bloggers or businesses through social media, I get some fantastic advice from people who I have connected with online. 

4 pm

Another aspect of freelancing is pitching, that doesn't necessary mean you have to be good at cold calling but it does require me to reach out to new companies, pitch articles and apply for roles.

In the world of freelancing, stable clients are the goal but most just want one off pieces or articles once in a while so it is essential to get new business if you plan on making any money out of your writing.

5 pm
I check if any amends are needed on previous articles sent across and then I take a bit of time out.

Whether getting dinner on, watching telly or just doing absolutely nothing then I try to switch off the laptop and enjoy the evening (though, the blue flash on my phone does mean work emails/ notifications are never too far away.)


I'm more of a night owl so after having some time away, I get back to work and start proof reading. It's important to leave a gap before checking over your own work as it's hard to spot mistakes just after writing something. 

Then it's time to submit for client approval, still now I get a bit nervous at this stage, hoping the client like what I've done and doesn't want a complete re-write. 

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