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The Staff Stressors You Didn't Know You Were Guilty Of

The Staff Stressors You Didn't Know You Were Guilty Of

Putting your employees first

Any job is liable to get stressful. Whether juggling various tasks or trying to complete sales this can cause a high stake and high-stress environment. However, occasionally stresses like these can actually encourage employees to reach optimum performance levels.

But there’s a difference between healthy stress and unnecessary stress, the latter can disrupt workflow, and could cost you if you don’t look out for the signs of stress.

It isn’t always easy to distinguish between necessary and avoidable stress, that’s why we’re going to look at three things you might be doing which could cause harmful stress in your team.

You don’t bother with a schedule

Some bosses will gasp in horror at this point, others might shrug and wonder what the big deal is but scheduling is ESSENTIAL when you have a team on board. If you take the time to schedule, your team will be able to approach every task in an organised manner. Even better, they’ll be able to do so without stress!

Of course, the odd job will crop up which you can’t predict, but that’s one of those unavoidable stressors employees will understand. The very worst thing you can do is spring last-minute deadlines on your team at every turn as this will cause high staff turnover and generally low morale.

Their materials let them down

As an employer, it’s also your job to provide reliable and functional materials to every member of your team. For example, in an office situation the main material would be computers. A computer crash or breakdown could spell untold stress as well as causing setbacks, this will leave them unable to complete their tasks.

Hence why you should focus on putting managed IT services in place which can reduce disruptions like these and fix issues straightaway. The same rules apply for companies that use machinery. Even those using phones need to make sure connections are strong throughout the day.

You expect too many hours

Another major mistake is to expect too many hours. This is a fast track to stress and a burned out team. Keep workdays to a reasonable eight hours, and make sure that all your team members take regular holidays and breaks. Why not consider introducing half days on a Friday once a month.

This may seem counterproductive, but it ensures your team can unwind and de-stress. And, that means they’ll actually be able to tackle more tasks when they do return.

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